Sugar Skull Motif


- G hook
- worsted weight yarn
- stitch marker
- yarn needle

Optional:  Embellisments

You will need to know how to:

- chain (ch)
- single crochet (sc)

This pattern is worked in a continuous spiral round (with no joining or turning) so, don't forget to mark your place with a stitch marker of some sort - I use a paperclip.  It drives me nuts to fumble with those teeny, tiny plastic rings...

You can start in one of two ways:

- Ch 2 and then sc 6 into 2nd ch from hook.


- Sc 6 into a 'magic ring' - do not join.

I prefer to use a 'magic ring' because it allows me to tug on the tail and make the round snug; beginners may choose to use the 'ch 2' method.

Let's do this:

Round 1:  2 sc in each st around   (12 sc)
Round 2: (sc 1, 2 sc in next)      (18 sc)
Round 3: (sc 2, 2 sc in next)      (24 sc)
Round 4: (sc 3, 2 sc in next)      (30 sc)

Now, ss into the next stitch.  Do not ch 1 here, but still turn your work.  We will now stop crocheting in the round and do a few rows for the sugar skull's jaw...  : )

Row 1:  Sc into first sc.  Sc 6.     (7 sc)
Row 2:  Ch 1.  Turn.  Sc 7.          (7 sc)
Row 3:  Ch 1.  Turn.  Sc 7.          (7 sc)

Ch 1. Turn.  Sc 1 into first sc and sc evenly around the motif, doing 2 sc into each corner of the jaw to define the corners.

Ss into the next st.  Fasten off.

Hide those ends and...  ta-daaaaaaa.  ; )

You have a lovely blank canvas for you to decorate however you choose.  Have fun and experiment with buttons, mini-pompoms, sequins, jewels, embroidery floss, beads, glitter...  whatever you happen to have on hand.

If you only have yarn on hand, well hey - use the above photo as a guide.  ; )

Optional Flower Eyes:

**  I used an F hook for the eyes.

You can start in one of two ways:

- Ch 2 and then sc 6 into 2nd ch from hook.


- Sc 6 into a 'magic ring'.  Ss into first sc to join.  Fasten off.

Join the new color onto any sc from the previous round.  

Ch 2.  Hdc 2 and ss into same st to make a petal.

Ss into next sc.  Ch 2.  Hdc 2 and ss into same st to make another petal.

Continue this pattern until you have six pretty little petals.

Fasten off.

I think this motif would be lovely on a hat, headband or as a brooch or hair clip.  If you'd like to share what you've made, post it to my crochet page or e-mail it to me at crochetbydanellerae@yahoo.com so I can help you show it off...  ; )

** Of course, what you make from this mini-pattern is your property: sell it, donate it, keep it all to yourself. However, please do not steal my pattern to call as your own and always give credit where credit is due - a quick little link to my blog is the greatest 'thank you', ever.  <3

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  1. I have been crocheting for about 2 years, mostly I have learned from youtube tutorials. You pattern was easy for me to follow. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you for sharing! You are obviously very talented.