Grape Soda Wristers

Want to make your own...?

Here's what I used:

-  'H' hook

-  Caron Simply Soft Party in Purple Sparkle
-  measuring tape
-  scissors
-  yarn needle

You will need to know how to: 

-  chain  (ch)
-  single crochet  (sc)

Additional information:

**  You can use pretty much any size hook and yarn for this project.  I suggest that for the first time you make these, that you use a 'G', 'H', 'I', or 'J' hook with worsted weight yarn.  Once you have learned the technique, feel free to experiment with different hooks and yarn.

**  It is helpful to leave a little extra yarn before it is knotted onto the hook and a long tail at the end when you fasten off.  You can use these to sew it together. 

I chose this yarn because not only is the color beautiful (it reminds me of grape 'Fanta') but, it is so soft.  I have some other colors of 'Party' in my stash so, I see more versions of these wristers in my very near future...


Here's the quickie pattern: 

Foundation Chain:  Ch ___ .

**  This is the amount of ch (+ 1 ch) that it takes to get to your desired wrister length.  You can measure your hand and arm and then do whatever amount of chs it requires to get to that measurement..

Row 1:  Sc into 1st ch from hook and sc across.  Turn.
Row 2 and on:  Sc through BLO (back loops only).  Turn.

 **  You will repeat 'Row 2' until it is the desired size.

As you go, you can wrap it around your hand and arm to see how many more rows you need to do.  Be sure to take into consideration that across the hand is sometimes larger than the wrist.  So, be careful not to size it for the wrist only or it may not fit properly...

Fasten off.

 (This photo shows the 'thumb hole' - just so you get a better idea about what it looks like.)

Use the extra yarn tails on each end to sew up the side to create a sort of 'tube' shape.

However, remember to leave a hold for your thumb to poke through.

Or, don't.  You can also wear it as a cuff.  ; )

Now, hide those ends and try it on.  Can you move your thumb...?  Good.

Easy, right...?  You can do this.  <3


If you like to listen to me 'babble', here you go:

I measured on my hand and arm how long I wanted it to be.

I wanted it to be about 7".  In my case, 30 chains was about 7".

So, I chained 30 + 1 (for the turn).

In this project, the number of chains really isn't that important.  However, it is nice to learn that in single crochet, your foundation chain will be any number of stitches + one stitch for the turn.  It lets me know that in my first row, I will have 30 sc because the turning chain does not count as a stitch.  Does that make sense...?

Row 1:  Sc 30 across.  Turn.
Row 2 and on:  Sc 30 across in BLO (back loops only).  Turn.

By crocheting in the 'back loops only', we create a 'rib' look that allows the wrister a little bit of stretch.  You may choose to crochet in both loops if you like but, you would have to be a little more picky in your sizing...

It took 36 rows for it to fit my around my hand and arm.

You will end up with a rectangle when you are done, mine was approximately 14" x 7".  Of course, your measurements will likely be different as we are all different sizes.

**  If you are making a set for a friend, ask them to measure across the biggest part of their hand so you know the approximate size that you need to make for them.  You can multiply it by 2 and that's close enough.  If you are a mathematician, please don't send me hate mail - I know it's not perfectly correct.  It's really not necessary for this project...  ; )

I fastened off and used the extra yarn tails to sew up the side.

I suggest you start to sew from the bottom up.  It is easier to put it on as you sew to check the fit and decide where you would like to put the 'hole' for your thumb to stick out. 

I sewed up about 4" from the bottom and tied it off.  Then, I left about a 1 3/4" space for my thumb before sewing up the other end about 1 1/4".  You can use the long ends we left at the beginning and end of our crocheting - one for below the thumb, one for above the thumb...

**  Don't forget that our measurements do not have to match.  I have only included my measurements and details to give you a frame of reference while you make your own.


I hope you've enjoyed learning how to make your own 'Grape Soda Wristers'...!  Please feel free to send me photos of your own finished wristers.  If you have any questions or comments, please message me on my Facebook page or drop me an e-mail at crochetbydanellerae@yahoo.com .

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